the Rise of “Smoke” in our Lives

This is really a genuine concern that can cause/contribute to perish Humanity from Earth, if we not find the accurate and precise solution to this in the near future..

Dense Cloud of Smoke and Fog – “Smog”

Studies have accounted that Countries that are in developing status contribute to approx. 39 – 47 % of the existing Air Pollution levels.. This countries are home to generally lower-middle class of people who do not have heavy power consuming technology, therefore the net per person emission is much less as compared to those of people living in Developed Countries..
Despite the fact that 85-90% of world population lives in these developing countries, the net emission is comparably lower than the emission(53 – 61%) of developed countries(10-15% of world population)..

This means……..

StatusPopulation %Emission %
Developed Countries10 – 15 %53 – 61 %
Developing Countries85 – 90 %39 – 47%
Emission and Population Comparison of Developed and Developing Countries..

The discussion of these issues will continue in four Parts..

2k19-20s, the Biggest Threat to the only Social Animal

the Story begins..

Humans can do anything, but they can’t be Isolated by their Heart.

The Year 2019 gave a terrible Surprise to her younger Cousin and the first child of the decade 2020s.. i.e., the Year 2020. Though the gift was to be given to 2019 on her last Anniversary, but unfortunately it slipped from her hands and went out the first birthday of 2020, her cousin.

Alas! the Surprise was a ‘Letter Bomb’..

The Story had just begin..

Let’s Stay Home, Sit Back at the Sofa, Continue our work and Watch the Story..

And if possible, Lets Contribute for the Cause in our Style..

This is the Story of COVID-19.